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Ciudad San Sebastián

A company dedicated to the service of tourists by sea since 1967. It was founded in our city, which is where the name "CIUDAD SAN SEBASTIAN" (San Sebastian City) comes from. An emblematic boat that is part of everyone’s past, who hasn’t been aboard the Ciudad San Sebastián during their lifetime? Its main use is for tourist trips around the bay and the coast of San Sebastian.

We currently have a modern 120-passenger catamaran, in which exclusive and unique events can be held, taking you anywhere you can imagine.  

We are based in an exceptional setting on the Gipuzkoa coast, in San Sebastian, at the heart of the Cantabrian axis.

What distinguishes us is our emphasis on safety, quality, and professionality.

Characteristics of the vessel

Type of vessel: catamaran
Capacity: 120 passengers
Engine: 2 cunmis engines + 1 auxiliary engine
   · 3 life rafts, each with a 65-person capacity
   · 140 standard individual life vests
   · Radio beacon
   · Radar
   · Echo sounder
   · 2 communication devices
   · GPS
   · Plotter

Crew: approved for pleasure boat
   · WC
   · Bar
   · Tannoy
   · Chill-out area